My Work

I am a boudoir, nude, and erotic photographer with mad skills and a chill vibe. I am located in Boise, Idaho. I take bold, evocative, and inspiring photographs of women, men, and couples.

Moving past 2020

2020 sucked for photography. It sucked for most creative endeavors. Today I had the day off and thought I’d revamp this site as a sort of 2021 spring clean. I’ve got a list of things I’d like to accomplish this year, including creating a printed calendar, photographing dramatic black & whites, and curating a few themed nude galleries. For me, photography is an artistic expression, and I’m hopeful that as our culture moves toward a more open, available, and intentional reality, that I’ll be able to work with new models, artists, and content creators. I generally work out of my apartment in the Bench area of Boise, Idaho, but I’d like to raise the bar in 2021 by photographing outdoors to make bold statements with nudes in strategic locations like downtown’s Freak Alley.

The basics about me

I shoot with a Nikon D500 and professional lenses and lighting equipment. For video I use a Canon 4K Ultra High Definition video camera with a gimble. I’m a guy in my 50’s; a long-haired artist-type.

If you’d like to work with me, contact me.

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