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Boise Boudoir Photography Studio

I am a discreet and confidential boudoir, nude, and erotic photographer & videographer with mad skills and a chill vibe. I am located in Boise, Idaho. I take beautiful, bold, and inspiring photographs of...

  • Lovers and artists that want to create a unique gift for someone special.
  • Women and men that want to create a stunning portfolio or online presence.
  • Fashionistas with a wicked sexy flair for audacious style and color.
  • Cool people that see my work as beautiful and inspiring.
  • Facebook and Snapchat divas and hunks that want to challenge their competition or make a statement.
  • Dancers, adult entertainers, and aspiring models creating their portfolios.

    Your iPhone is good in a pinch, but for really good photographs & videos, you need a really good photographer & videographer.

    Email me at Terry@BoiseBoudoirPhotography.Com

    Do you do hair and makeup?

    No, sorry, but I know a few makeup artists.

    What else do you do?

    I'm an event photographer.

    Do you do regular portraits?

    Absolutely. Those are actually my favorites.

    What kind of camera do you use?

    I use a professional Nikon camera for photography and a Canon 4K Ultra High Definition Videocam and professional gimbles for video.

    Where is your studio?

    It's whereever I shoot or film. I have an apartment up on the Bench area of Boise, Idaho, and I do a lot of photography and videography there. But first you've got to walk through my garage, which is filled with grease and oil and tools and truck parts. My work is private and extraordinary, but it's not in a high-priced studio. I can shoot at any location you prefer.

    What are your much do you charge?

    Contact me and tell me about the kinds of photographs and video you'd like to create, and I'll give you a super-reasonable estimate. Not sure what you want? Share your vision with me and I'll help you make it a reality.

    Email me at Terry@BoiseBoudoirPhotography.Com